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Welcome to my website! My name is Snagen, and I'm a furry artist from the US.

This site SHOULD mostly work on both mobile and desktop, but text sizes are a little wonky on mobile. Making & updating this site is more of a hobby than anything; I have no formal experience in web development or design and so this site is simple and probably flawed. If you have any suggestions for changes or notice any errors, please leave a comment on the Neocities profile!


  • 5/28/23 Changed footer to link to Linktree instead so I don't have 283482902 links at the bottom
  • 5/23/23 Added more links to the footer
  • Changed music on index page after having it as A CYBER'S WORLD? for way too long
  • Moved (most of) my characters over to a seperate website for organization purposes
  • Turned off autoplay for the index page because it was starting to annoy me
  • Changed links to buttons with images on the Resources page
  • Added a new F2U HTML+CSS template
  • Made the "back" button on warning pages go to the last visited page rather than back to the character list
  • Updated Kovus's ref to make him older
  • Added favicons to all character pages

Cool Websites

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with these people, I just thought their sites were cool and I want to share them

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