About Me

Hello! I'm Snagen, a furry artist who just likes posting random shit online. I'm mostly active on Mastodon.
My fursona is a Burmese python named Egg, though you can call him my name too.
In case you can't tell by the music, I'm a fan of Toby Fox's work. Mostly his music, but I can't deny that Undertale is a really good game and that Deltarune looks promising. I also love the themes he worked on in the Pokemon franchise.

I can be contacted at "the fresh pigeon of bel air#1398" on Discord or @Snagen on Telegram. I can also be emailed at snagen@spicedsnake.gay

Misc Facts About Me

  • I have two cats
  • My eyes are green and they hurt in bright light
  • I chose the url "spicedsnake.gay" because I am a gay snake with a little bit of spice
  • I have The 'Tismâ„¢
  • My favorite ingredient is potatoes. I like them best fried (aka potato chips & french fries)