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Sunday, 1/29/2023 - why did i put a title spot here i cant title things

Aight, longer post time.

Made some minor changes to the site, including removing the music from a lot of pages. I thought it was too much, so I just left them on the pages where they actually fit the theme of the page.

My job cut my pay recently. They paid us extra during the holidays, and since the holidays are over they lowered it again. Turns out the union wasn't happy with how things went last year — apparently 40 people quit after the pay cut — so they didn't cut it all the way back down and I'm still getting paid more than I was when I was hired. You'll be hearing no complaints from me in that regard except about the fact that I can't buy as much furry art lmao. I'm set to get a raise later this year anyway.

Made the switch from Chrome to Firefox. I was worried I was gonna have to copy over my saved passwords by hand, but it turns out Firefox does it automatically. Having no issues with it at all, and am glad it lets you choose whether or not you want to enable autoplay. Also security privacy yada yada I'm sure I don't have to explain this to people who are finding this site through Neocities lol. It's pretty great.

Got around to working more on creating a backup of my characters on my laptop and on Dropbox. Most of my character stuff is stored on Toyhouse right now, and unfortunately it is almost totally unmoderated and packed full of 14-16 y/os who think that IRL harassment and stalking is justified if their victim likes drawings they don't approve of. The admin also likes to issue bans with no warning or hope of recovery for your characters and art. It's genuinely kind of a shithole, and I'm not really sure why I keep using the site anymore. I've got a decent chunk of my characters backed up, but not all of them. The gallery downloader tool helps a lot, but I have just over 200 characters and I have to manually paste each in and then extract the ZIPs, sort the files into proper folders, and then edit their credit lists to add their character designer. It'll be worth it in the end though.

That's pretty much everything interesting that I'm willing to talk about in a blog post, lol. Just sorta using this page as a publicly accessible diary at this point. Not like anyone can stop me though

Saturday, 1/21/2023 - waow

Wow it has been 10 whole days since I updated this page lmao. My life is not that interesting. I'm just making some changes to my site, including changing the music on some pages and making the blog tab multi-page.

Thursday, 1/11/2023 - shipping

I only recently learned that shipping apparently means that you think a pair of characters are together canonically. Fucking what? Somehow I thought we were all being rational and it was just things that we wished were canon or just liked to see art for. Of course most of these characters aren't together canonically, if they were, it would have been shown onscreen. I have been in fandom for at least 10 years and I cannot believe I am just figuring this out now.

Tuesday, 1/10/2023 - *cries*

I'm struggling so bad with the fact that my work gave me a 4 day weekend and a 3 day weekend back to back because of inclement weather + holidays. I work in the evenings + night so I don't have to get up early, but all I want to do is sit and mess around with my website instead of going to work. I've considered calling out a few times, but I don't want it to become a habit so I've resisted the urge.

Also my cats knocked over the entire litter box yesterday, which was very upsetting to come home to (but at least it was still clean) Then my vacuum shit itself halfway through cleaning it up, and that's how I learned that with enough perseverance (read: stubbornness) you can sweep cat litter out of carpet. God.

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