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Sunday, 1/8/2023 - ideas?

Slept in again lmao. I got my car parts yesterday, but didn't get around to editing my characters' pages.
I'm thinking of maybe doing something similar to Censorship Pandas, except instead of being pandas they'll be snakes. There would be two seperate categories - constrictors for content warnings, and venomous snakes for age requirement. This is the list I have right now, but it's not set in stone:

  • Corn snake: totally SFW, no mature content
  • Green tree python: mild blood, foul language
  • Ball python: violence, gore
  • Boa constrictor: tasteful nudity
  • Burmese python: sexually suggestive but non-explicit
  • Anaconda: sexual nudity, pornography
  • Northwestern garter snake: All ages appropriate
  • Prairie rattlesnake: 13 or older only
  • Indian cobra: 16 or older only
  • Black mamba: 18 or older only

If you think you'd be interested in that or have questions/suggestions, feel free to leave a a comment about it on the site's Neocities profile. I don't know if anyone actually reads my stuff here lol

UPDATE: I added the constrictors! Come check them out!

Saturday, 1/7/2023 - cool title

I slept until 1 pm because my cats were super snuggly and also I think I fell asleep around 4 am. Today I'm gonna get parts for my car and hopefully flesh out my characters' pages. Glitz has a brother that needs a page and a ref and I'm debating as to whether to commission the latter or make it myself. I haven't really felt like drawing lately, but buying art is expensive as hell lmao

Saturday, 1/7/2023 - wow first post??!!?!!?

Figured I'd actually. Y'know. Make that blog page that I've been intending to make. lol

Anyway I'm probably going to use this page just for spamming my thoughts so I don't have to torture my friends and followers with constant notifications. It's 3 am and I'm having acid reflux but HEY I made some edits to this site and I'm becoming happier with it