Art Commissions


Commissions are accepted very rarely. I can take up to 5 months to finish commissioned work and usually do not accept them unless I specifically offer them to you, though you're welcome to ask anyway.

By default, commissions come with full flat colors and colored lines. I do not charge extra for shading, but the caveat is that I usually do not let the buyer decide whether or not shading will be added. If I believe a piece would look best shaded, I will add it and provide a version without it if the buyer prefers. If you absolutely need shading on your piece, please let me know.

The buyer receives rights to the piece for personal use only and cannot use the piece for profit; i.e. no tee shirts, prints, etc. In the event that the buyer transfers ownership of the character(s) depicted, they may either a) transfer usage rights to the image along with the character, or b) request that I modify the image to depict a different character for an additional fee.

I have so many ref sheets I have to do that I'm not really looking to take on comms for them. Please don't ask for a ref sheet unless you're willing to pay more than $200 for it.

I have a different set of terms for "canon" characters; please contact me for specifics if that's what you're after.


I accept payment in USD only.

No echecks/echeques.


  • Head Only: $20
  • Shoulders-up: $25
  • Waist-up: $30
  • Thighs-up: $35
  • Full-body: $40


  • 32x32 Icons: $10
  • Symmetry Icon: $15
  • 100x100 Pixel Gif: $20