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Draqbeasts are a species created by me. If you'd like to make one, please ask first (I will probably say yes).

They do have sexual dimorphism color-wise, but honestly you don't even have to follow the color rules if you don't want to. It's a secondary sex characteristic, so if they were to take HRT their colors would change - though if they're already old they'd just turn gray instead. It isn't mentioned on the image, but purple and green can appear on either sex, and while they do tend to be warmer/colder depending on whether they're male/female, this isn't always the case.

They reach full maturity (equivalent to 25 yr old human) between 17 and 19 Earth years of age. They reach old age (human equivalent of 65) at around 150 Earth years of age and usually die before 200. Years on the Draqbeast planet are about 60% the length of Earth years.

Their natural environment is a dim but bioluminescent biome similar to a jungle. It has an extremely thick canopy - day and night are not distinguishable from inside. Many rivers wind their way through the wide roots of the "trees," and draqbeasts will sit on top of these roots and hunt fish-like organisms that swim by in a similar manner to how herons hunt.

They can be depicted as anthro, but these are not considered canon/lore-compliant.