Danger Sign Noodles

Inspired by the Mabsland censorship pandas, I wanted to create similar content warning signs for use on my site but with snakes instead of pandas. I figured I'd let other people "adopt" them if y'all want to, as long as you provide a link back to this page! You're welcome to edit them to change what text they have too, as long as you don't get rid of my watermark. Clicking the images will open the images in a new tab so you can download them.

I do suggest that you save the image and upload it to your own site in case something happens to mine. I'd prefer that you didn't hotlink these if at all possible. Cool people will also give it alt text for accessibility :]

And before anyone says anything, yes "gore" and "blood" are two different things. Gore is guts, blood is... just blood.

please stop tagging blood as gore it's driving me insane
For Audiences 18 and Older Only Content Warning: Blood Content Warning: Violence and Gore Content Warning: Nudity Content Warning: Non-Explicit Sexual Themes Content Warning: Explicit Sexual Content